COMEET+ is an Erasmus Plus KA2 programme funded by The European Commission under Cooperation for Innovation and exchange of Good Practises in Adult education.

We are a international partnership from 6 countries in Europe: Italy, Holland, Romania, Cyprus and Belgium. The Regional Government of Extremadura in Spain leads the project. Together we have expertise in entrepreneurship, adult education and e‐learning solutions. This project is running from Octouber 2015 until September 2017.

COMEET+ is promoting an holistic approach to entrepreneurship education based on the idea that community actors (parents, teachers, youth educators, people working in associations active at community level) have a responsibility when it comes to shape young people mindset and vision of the future and the possibility for them to be more active and entrepreneurial in their every day life.

We believe that the educational community, specially families and school teachers, have an essential role to foster entrepreneurship skills in young people. These skills will be decisive to increase new chances for developing future scenarios and employment in young people. In addition, these skills will help them to imagine and create a better environment and new opportunities.

Our aim is to create a useful social learning platform for different community actors, available for other countries working with entrepreneurial education at community level. This learning platform will be adapted to the treining needs of different community actors such as teachers, families, youth workers and entrepreneurship facilitators needs.

The partnership will share good practices and methodologies, creating specific tools and training resources about acquisition of entrepreneurial skills among young people. Those will be dynamic and open contents, and there will be available for any member of our learning communities at national and european level through the online platform.



Phase 1: Knowing
We search and curate useful resources about entrepreneurial skills at European level and we will add these resources to our project. We analyze preferences and needs of different community actors in our countries.

Phase 2: Designing
We will adapt the contents from Junta de Extremadura previous experiences training families in entrepreneurial skills and tools, create new ones and select existing ones to incorporate the most adequate to our learning platform. We will design a methodological model in which flexible and practice learning can happen.

Phase 3: Testing
We will develop a pilot training experience in each participating country, to check whether it is really useful. Two people from each country will have the chance of participating in a international blended training in Italy.

Phase 4: Sharing
Once our pilot initiative had been evaluated, a set of resources and contents about entrepreneurial skills will be published be available for everyone through our social learning platform.

Note: Reports will be available under Results section.




Inspiring 5-days Comeet+ Training in Matera

Team building activities, project based learning, best practices, creativity workshops and so on. It was all part of the Com

COMEET Plus Dissemination Event at University of Suceava

On March 23, COMEET Plus Dissemination Event was taken place at ASSIST Open DOORS 2017 Event hosted by University of Sucea

Local Events to Promote Our Learning Model

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COMEET Plus Technical Meeting in Holland

Between the 8th and 9th of November 2016, the ComeetPlus partnership held a second transnational meeting, hosted by Business

COMEET Plus Project Kick-Off Meeting in Merida

Between 12th-13th April 2016 was held the Kick-Off Meeting of Community Entrepreneurship Education project, acronym COMEET P

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