BDF is the linking pin between business, education and governments and supports them to realise their economic, international and social ambitions. Regionally in Friesland as well as internationally.

  • BDF for business

International networks

European networks help entrepreneurs with international ambitions. BDF is official partner of the two main European business support networks: Enterprise Europe Network and European Business Innovation Center Network. In addition BDF organises international trade missions, matchmaking and exchange events and support entrepreneurs with soft landing programs to successfully enter foreign markets.

Inqubator Leeuwarden

BDF set up the Inqubator Leeuwarden in 2010. It is now the hotspot in Friesland for students, start-ups and professionals to turn a good idea into a new business.

Fryslân House

BDF initiated the Fryslân House concept in 2004 as a shared office facility in Amsterdam for the benefit of Frisian companies. Based on this initial success, we opened up two more offices in Riga and New York.

  • BDF for education

Course and training material development

BDF has effectively developed curricula, courses, and learning materials for students and support tools for teachers on various topics. Both online and offline. Through our Inqubator we also work closely together with the educational institutions in our region to develop entrepreneurship programmes and events for students.

Hosting international students

BDF regularly plays host to groups of international students. Through the KA1 programme of Erasmus+ we support VET schools who are keen to provide their students with an interesting, educational, practical and fun experience in another country.

Erasmus+ project development & management

BDF is an experienced partner in Erasmus+ project development, management and support. Depending on your needs and capacity available within your school or university, we can take on the full development of a proposal or support you where needed.

  • BDF for governments

INTERREG project management and support

BDF is an experienced partner for project proposal development and project management of European Commission financed programmes such as INTERREG Europe and INTERREG North Sea Region, but also Erasmus+, Horizon2020, COSME and UrbAct.

Policy research and evaluation

For various governments BDF has performed evaluation of policy instrument effectiveness and efficiency. Also for the development of future policy measures BDF is a well-positioned to research the needs of SMEs and schools to get to know governments could facilitate them the best way.

Policy development and implementation

In cooperation with governments, BDF executes policy measures in its region and in Europe. Regional examples include the management of the Inqubator Leeuwarden and the management of the Friesland Development Fund with public and private capital.

We operate within a large international network of companies, intermediaries, governments and knowledge institutes. We can bring you in contact with the right person in numerous countries. For more information, please visit our website.