We are an enterprise that creates social value. We are dedicated to the development of the field of social entrepreneurship and social innovation in Cyprus. We work with all Cypriot communities and across the island in view of promoting social entrepreneurship across the divided country, and contribute to peace and reconciliation.

We are the founders of “HUB NICOSIA,” the first Hub on social impact in Cyprus. Established and run by SYNTHESIS, the Hub aims to become the focal point for social entrepreneurship and social innovation in the country. The Hub is already a cluster of organisations which are working in bringing a positive change in society and the environment, from active ageing to sustainable development.

We are a learning events provider, delivering entrepreneurial and soft skills training programmes to young people and adults. Among other programmes, we offer the pioneering “Under My Wing” training curriculum which is designed to the needs of non-business graduates.

We also undertake research and provide consulting services to governmental, non-governmental and private institutions. We have been the Cypriot experts in the study undertaken on behalf of the European Commission “A Map of Social Enterprises and their Ecosystem in Europe.” In addition, we were the external consultants of the European Social Fund (Cyprus Unit) in the “Social Entrepreneurship Network” (SEN).

In the current decade, we focus on actions that can “open people’s minds,” improve social inclusion, and have a green and sustainable effect on the planet we live on. Last but not least, we are active in sharing with others our passion for social entrepreneurship and transmitting its spirit for social change and a better world.