COMEET Plus Technical Meeting in Holland

Between the 8th and 9th of November 2016, the ComeetPlus partnership held a second transnational meeting, hosted by Business Development Friesland, BDF, at their premises in Amsterdam.

The general aim of the meeting was to plan activities and share responsibilities to bring to life our training course and improve the design of the on-line that will host it. One the important point for us was to define how to actively involve our communities in the creation process of our blended training proposal.

During this second meeting we consolidated our cooperation and managing systems as a team and also agreed on tasks to develop the methodology and contents for our training platform as well as the blended mobility planned for 2017.

We put emphasis on the fact that our learning platform had to be flexible and inclusive for all users, since the level of involvement and previous knowledge on entrepreneurial skills would be uneven among our community members.

During the two-days meeting we went through the following aspects:

  • Development of Intellectual Output 4, that is, the training platform.
  • Revision and planning of future dissemination activities including the multiplier events.
  • Feedback on the Interim report and project finances.
  • Following project steps until closure

ASSIST Software, our technological partner, presented the consortium with the Edx platform possibilities, the means they’ve chosen to hold the contents of our on-line training. These will be related to the previous survey of needs developed in each country as well as the EntreComp: The Entrepreneurship Competence Framework developed early this year by the European Commission.


COMEET Plus - Holland Meeting 1

COMEET Plus - Holland Meeting 2