COMEET Plus Project Kick-Off Meeting in Merida

Between 12th-13th April 2016 was held the Kick-Off Meeting of Community Entrepreneurship Education project, acronym COMEET Plus, hosted by Sociedad de Gestión Pública de Extremadura in Merida – Spain.

COMEET Plus is a European project that aims to unleash Europe’s entrepreneurial potential. The goal is to train the community actors to foster entrepreneurship education. In order to achieve this goal all actors that are playing a role in the education of youth should have awareness and knowledge of:

  • Sense of initiative
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Motivation
  • Self-esteem

The first day meeting started with an overview of the project the main scope, aims and objectives. After the project overview each partner made a presentation about their work and expertise, followed by a clear description about the value that can bring to the project.

This step was followed by a practical work session: definition of “Community Actors” stakeholders and beneficiaries in our different regions. Every partner had to specify the community actors that where in their reach.

We had an extended discussion about the present and future of the project. Project roadmap was analysed and the responsibilities for each partners have been set.

The day finalised with a review of the platform and available features and options in order to customize it, made by ASSIST.

The second day meeting main topic was the dissemination and its approaches. We also discussed the implementation plan, deadlines and a review of the calendar and responsibilities for each partner, also communication plan and the approximate dates for next meetings.