Inspiring 5-days Comeet+ Training in Matera

Team building activities, project based learning, best practices, creativity workshops and so on. It was all part of the Comeet+ training in Matera, Italy. May has been a very important month for the COMEET+ project partners, our training has become alive!

We have spent one week in Matera, European Capital of Culture 2019, to receive training on how to stimulate entrepreneurial skills development amongst youth. Selected trainees from Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Romania and Cyprus have been learning and collaborating together with the partnership, by reviewing our learning content, experiencing our selected tools and discussing about the role of community members in entrepreneurial education.

Participants of the training were all community actors such as youth educators, community workers, parents and teachers.

The training programme was kicked-off with a team building activity in which the group, consisting of 20 trainees from all over Europe, had to solve a number of questions/assignments in a limited time frame. This game involves many entrepreneurial skills including creativity, teamwork, delegation, time management, problem-solving, planning, decision-making, taking initiative and stress management. Not only were entrepreneurship competences trained, the activity created a true COMEET+ team right from the start.

By the end of the training, participants got an updated overview of Entrepreneurship Education in Europe and the Erasmus+ program. They also obtained a clear understanding of the different roles within the educational communities to support entrepreneurial education programs. They practiced different dynamics related to entrepreneurism skills, attitudes and knowledge. Through networking activities joint projects among participants was promoted, to encourage practical learning and take the best of the international group of professionals that were matched.

Besides this mobility of adult trainers, we had the chance to celebrate the 3rd transnational meeting among the partnership, taking the best of our presence there. It really was a week of intense and inspiring work.  After 5 days of successful training, trainees returned home with loads of inspiration and ideas to stimulate entrepreneurial attitudes of young people  and the Comeetplus partnership had the opportunity to meet once again, to learn and to teach  and to share ideas and strategies for the fine tuning of the blended training proposal.

Thanks MateraHub for being such a good host and give us the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful city of Matera.

To learn more about this training, please visit the result section or check our twitter account: @comeetplus

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