Local Events to Promote Our Learning Model

During January 2017 all partners involved in the ComeetPlus project launched events to gather feedback from our local educational communities regarding our platform contents and learning model.

In these events, we had the opportunity to exchange our views with teachers, families, youth workers and even entrepreneurs. The debate focused mainly on the connections between schools, families and non-formal education agents to contribute to the acquisition of skills for life in young people, especially those linked to entrepreneurship. The presence of some entrepreneurs and SME’s owners enrich this debate offering valuable opinions about their process to become entrepreneurs and how can we support young people to launch their own projects and become more entrepreneurial.

All these events shared a common structure based in three key moments:

  • Networking between members of the educational communities to open a dialogue about their roles during the entrepreneurial skills acquisition.
  • Group dynamics to identify entrepreneurial skills and classify them according to their relevance. We also discussed on what is an entrepreneurial searching for a common definition and reviewed the types of relevant skills needed to support their acquisition by kids.
  • Gathering feedback about the contents proposal. We organised participants in groups and asked them to give feedback on our methodology by providing materials to ease the process, promoting discussion and peer learning.

These events were especially relevant to our project since they allowed us to connect with communities and involve them in the process of creating our learning platform. It was especially important for us to motivate some participants and invite them to collaborate actively and become part of the testing groups of users as volunteers.

 Every country has at least two volunteers that are signing in the learning platform, which is now active in a beta version, to review contents and provide feedback on its usability and quality.

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